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Welcome! This is my personal Home Page! My Name is Melissa Brown! I have a few links above that you can visit! My Sites, the sites that I have done so far! There are a few! Please visit them and sign the guest books!  Also Visit my city's home page! You can learn more about where I'm from and where my city is! They even have a photo!  Also I have a few of my favorite links that you can visit! These sites are pretty cool!


Name: Melissa K. Brown
Age: 23 years old.
Birth Date: September 6, 1976
City: Racine, Wisconsin
Hobbies: Web Design, Chatting With Friends, My Business,  Collecting Snow White items, Listening to Music, Going to the Movies, Camping, and Having Fun!
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Drink  Lemonade, and Soda, Capuccino (Irish Creme)
Favorite Food: Fettuccini Alfredo (from the Olive Garden MMMMMMMM )
Favorite TV. Show: So Weird, The Others, Charmed, X-Files.
Favorite Movies: Snow White, The Craft, Ferngully, Practical Magic, Hope Floats, Urban Legends, Contact.
Biggest Pet Peeves: People doing everything I do, People who lie
Occupation: I work for a Law Firm as a paralegal and I also have my own business. I am a web designer


OK here are a few more things that you may not know about me!

1.) Things I love? : Chocolate! I'm a complete chocoholic.  Though I do have a slight allergy to chocolate!  If I eat too much I break out all over my face.  I do, once in a while have a chocolate craving and eat all the chocolate in sight! Maybe I need that chocolate patch!? lol

2.) Things I believe in? -  In case you couldn't tell by my favorite shows/movies I'm into the paranormal!  I believe in people who can tell the future, clairvoyant dreams, past lives, life after death (aka ghosts) and everything in that realm! Why? Because I believe that there is so much more out there that we just haven't discovered. Science thinks that there is a logical equation to everything.  But if they would look outside the box, that's where the answer lies.  I'm very into dreams.   Have I ever had a dream that's come true? Yes I have! I have a variety of dreams.   I dream about people I don't know, and places I've never been.  I've had dreams with spirits in them. I dream about my mother all the time.  My mother died in 1995 , and I've noticed since then that's when my dreams became more than dreams.  I think it's her way of communicating to me.  If you dream about someone close to you who has passed on, they are visiting you. I think when your dreaming, you are basically on the same plain as them, and it's easier for them to visit you. So when they do visit you.. make the most of it! If they tell you anything REMEMBER! I believe everyone has the power to dream , they just don't know they have the power.  Just remember it's not the dreamer that's the fool, it's the fool who doesn't dream! 

3.) How did I get to believe in these things?  -  I grew up with them.   My mother believed in them and she had the a lot of weird things happen to her as it has me.  She's had out of body experiences, and has traveled in the past in her dreams.   I learned this early in my childhood so it was a natural thing around my house.    So to me its all a part of nature.  I do believe that we all are apart of each other .  If you sit still and open your will hear what the earth is telling you.

4.) Looks can be deceiving -    I may be 23, but I don't look it or act it! I'm a person who is young at heart. I believe the key to staying young is thinking young.  I don't let the troubles and stress of the world get to me (as much as I can!). People say I look like I'm 16-17! I figure it's good to look young now, because when I get older...I'm gonna love it! I'll be older than I look.  My dad is 53 but he looks like he's  in his early forties.  It runs in the family!

5.) Do I have a significant other? -   Nope.  Am I looking? I'm not out there actually looking for it..I'm keeping an open mind.   I don't go just by qualities. I go by a feeling.  I just know what I'm looking for!  I think it will be an eternal love. Probably my sole mate from my past life.   I'm not sure..I'll just know it when I find it.

6.) Weird things about me?  Well I love to eat lemons.  I eat them like oranges. I peal them and eat them! I don't know how I became to love lemons, but I do!

7)  Things I like:  I love music, and I love to dance.    I love just about every kind of music!  From Heavy Metal to Opera.   I love the musical Phantom of the Opera. I have over 350 CD's..and my collection keeps growing! I love music with a good beat..and my feet lead the way! When I was younger I took Ballet and Tap.  When I was in School, I would do musicals and I would usually be in the chorus!  I remember one funny memory.  My school was doing a musical in my 8th grade choir and It came time to do the lolly pop song and this was based on the 50's.  We wore poodle skirts and the whole thing ( I just loved those clothes they felt so natural to me may be a past life of mine!) Anyways the choreographer put me in the front and I'm doing the number and everyone else messes up but me. (That's the truth too!) They do the step backwards, so I looked like I was the one who did it wrong. But I actually did it right!  I felt like the black sheep there. lol Luckily the next night everyone did it the right way!

8) I like scary movies! My favorites include, the Chucky movies ( I still need to see the new one!) Scream, I know what you did last summer, Urban Legends all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  The only movie that really spooked me to the core was Candyman! A week after I saw that movie I couldn't be anywhere near a mirror!   The one movie that disgusted me was Children of The Corn. That movie just turns my stomach! yick!

8) How did I get into my business? -  Well I love anything that lets me be creative.  I love designing web pages.  It's a way of expressing my self.  I thought well, I should make money at what I love doing! I started my business a while ago.    I love making web pages and I currently webmaster for an attorney that I work for.  I love computers in general, well except when they give you illegal operations and fatal exceptions.  Then I'm not to thrilled with them.  I recently built my own computer!  It was fun, but very time consuming, and a pain in the butt. It's always hard to get those suckers to work on the first boot! 

        Last but not least, my pictures. These are kind of old, but they are the only ones I have
at this point.  I don't have the curly long hair. It's about
shoulder length now and straight
, it's a shag do. I also wear glasses. I have contacts, but with my allergies it makes
 it almost impossible to wear them.  So enjoy and don't laugh too hard!

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