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name: Eric Lawrence Lively
July 31, 1981 in Atlanta, GA
lives in: Burbank, CA
brother, Jason; sisters, Robyn, Lori and Blake; his father was on "Dukes of Hazzard"
stats: 6'4"
hobbies: playing guitar and piano
status: single
trivia: Eric says, of the weather in Vancouver, BC, where "So Weird" is filmed: it's always cold!

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  • "Armed and Innocent" (TV) (1994) Sammy
  • "Full House" (TV guest appearance) (1994) Jamie
  • Sandman (1998) Bobby Doll
  • East Ridgemont High (1999)
  • American Pie (1999) Albert
  • "So Weird" (1999) Carey
  • Route 66 (2000)
  • The Beauty Loop (2000)

comments: There is little known on Eric Lively at this time, except that the 18 year old is in 
and American Pie. The inside scoop is that he was the runner up for the Ryan 
Phillippe role in 54. Next up: Eric appears opposite Diane Ladd in Route 66, where he plays a 
schizophrenic kleptomaniac. And look for a cool interview of Eric in the latest A&F Quarterly 
catalog. Bigger and better things, Eric!

contact: c/o The Disney Channel, Amy Baker, 3800 W Alameda Ave, 5th floor, Burbank, 
CA 91505

Latest News!

  • Some cyber squatters bought up from under Eric. If there's anything there, 
    it's not sanctioned by Eric. His web designers are working on his official site, though.
  • Eric is currently writing a film called "Hollywood Love Story" which he plans to direct. He 
    doesn't necessarily want to star in it, though.
  • Eric can be seen in the film The Beauty Loop, where he plays a college student. iI's a 
    romantic comedy, due out later this summer.
  • Eric and Patrick are working on the script for a "So Weird" episode. Eric may even direct it!
  • Eric appears in Mandy Moore's "Walk Me Home" video, as well as the accompanying "
    Making of the Video: Mandy Moore" now on MTV rotation; you can see some pics from 
    the video here. Also, be sure to vote for the video on TRL at
  • According to Blast magazine, Eric is currently recording an album and he'll be asking his fans
     to help him name the new CD. Update: Eric has stopped work on the album because he 
    doesn't want to become a pop star. Music is too important to him to be seen a s a cheesy act.
  • Eric has been quoted as saying that his brothers and sisters may have their city "style" but 
    deep down they're all just a bunch of hicks from Georgia. Presumably he includes himself in 
    that characterization.

fave movie: Breaking the Waves
fave actor: Emily Watson
fave band: Garbage and Nirvana
fave TV show: "So Weird"
fave color: a unique shade of lime green
fave food: Tony Roma's BBQ ribs




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