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Many of you have seen this talented actress on Flash Forward playing the role of "Becca" Fisher.  Jewel Staite guest starred on an episode of So Weird, Siren.   Only at the Unofficial So Weird Website can you send in YOUR questions regarding her So Weird role and her answer them!

So what do you have to do? Simply Click the link below and send in your question.  Please only one Question Entry per person, per household.  You must submit your questions no later than August 1, 2000.  All questions sent in after this date will be discarded.  All though we will try, not all questions may get answered.  As many questions as possible will be answered.

So submit your question and it could be answered by Jewel!  You will be able to find the answers to questions submitted by fans right here.  If you wish to be notified when the questions will be posted, please sign up for the Unofficial So Weird Website, Update list.

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