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I was wondering if that really was you singing in the episode and if it
was, where can I get a copy of the songs?
-Sam (

A: Jewel: Yes, I really was singing, and unfortunately there is no way of
getting a copy of the song, unless you want to write to So Weird and ask.

Q: Hi Jewel! My name is Elizabeth. Anyways, I've seen you play Daisy on
"Higher Ground" every episode! I was wondering what was it like working with
the cast of HG?

A: Jewel: The cast is awesome... best cast I've ever worked with for a long
period of time like that.

Q: Do you keep in contact with any of the other actors from Flash Forward?
A: Jewel: Every once in a while I talk to Ben, but that's about it.  The others
have disappeared.

Q: Hi Jewel! I have to get this question answered. I like Patrick Levis a
lot! I think he is so cute and I was wondering what he's like? Thanks!
A: Jewel: Honestly, Patrick is one of the sweetest guys.  Very honest,
diplomatic, just basically wouldn't hurt a fly.
Q: Dear Jewel,
What's it like to play in a So Weird film? Did you like the characters, Fiona
Phillips (Cara DeLizia,) Jack Phillips (Patrick Levis,)
Clu Bell (Erik Von Detten). Where they nice in person?
I am a huge fan of yours.
I like the show Flash Forward.
Your Cool.
Your Fan,
Sabrina Del Bucchia
A: Jewel: Yes, everybody was great.  I still keep in touch with Eric Lively.
Q: Jewel, when did you learn how to sing and do you enjoy it?  I
saw that your character in So Weird and in your new television show Higher
Ground that you sing a song in both.
Meredith Moore
A: Jewel: I've always sang... around the house, in the shower, at competitions
and stuff like that.  Nothing serious.  And yes, I enjoy it very much.
Q: Hi, you seem to had more of a different part in the show of "So Weird"
than "Flash Foward". How was playing on "So Weird", a more of a
dramatic-children's sci-fi show from playing in the children's comedy,
"Flash Foward" back about three or four years ago? Which one was more

A: Jewel: So Weird had a difficult character to play.  Callie was very sullen,
troubled, quiet.  Basically the opposite from Becca.  But as actors, that's
what we do:  we act.

Q: 9.) What do you personally think of Eric Lively? 
A: Jewel: Eric is one of the craziest most beautiful people i've ever met.  He's
beyond creative:  he was born to do what he's doing.  He's poetic, he's a
trouble maker, he's brutally honest and dishonest at the same time, he's
hilarious-- he can role play like the best of them, and he's had me rolling
on the floor laughing.  He says one of these days he's going to make me a
singing star.  :)  We're great friends.

Q: I actually have two questions.

1) Was that your actual singing voice in "Siren"?
2) Do you like playing Daisy on "Higher Ground"?

Thank you.
 Mr. Hyde

A: Jewel: Yes, that's been answered before and I'm not going to repeatedly
answer that.. I love playing Daisy on higher ground.  It's one of my favorite
characters to play.

Q: Is it hard for you to guest star on a show when you are only there for
one episode? Do you like have time to know the cast, know your character,
A: Jewel: Yeah, its difficult not knowing anybody, being the 'new kid' so to
speak.  And yeah when you don't have a lot of time to research the character,
it's hard.  But they made me feel really comfortable and we had a great

Q: Jewel,
  I would just like you to know that when Space Cases first came out, I loved
  the show. You are such a great actress. I kinda got mad when you weren't on
  that show anymore. But it was cool to see you in that one episode where you
  were on the phone thing. After that, I was walking around in Wal-Mart one
  night and saw you on the TV's set up in the Electronics section. I didn't
  know what show it was or even what time it was. Eventually, I saw the show
  again (Found out that it was Flash Forward) and started watching that. Then
  THAT show ended and I started watching So Weird, when I first saw you on the
  episode "Siren" I wasn't sure if it was you or not so I watched the credits
  (which I rarely EVER do) and lo and behold, it was you. That was an awesome
  episode. I've only seen Higher Ground once but it seems like a cool show. It
  was also pretty neat to see (and sometimes hear) you on all those other
  shows. It's amazing that you've done so much and you're only 18 years old,
  (according to the IMDB). Have you figured out by now that I am a HUGE fan?
  So my question now [finally :)] is would you rather have your own show or
  just keep guest starring or co-starring on existing television shows? What
  was you favorite episode to do out of all of the series that you've done?
  Roger Lamb II
  (if you want more questions, e-mail me)
  P.S.: Forgive the rambling
A: Jewel: My own show?  What fun would that be?  I like ensemble casts way
better... more days off, ha ha ha.  Seriously, it's more interesting with
more actors.  And my favorite episode out of everything?? That's really
difficult.  There's  alot of the higher ground episodes that I love,
especially near the end of the season..

Q: Hey Jewel what's up?
What your plans were for the future , acting wise?
A: Jewel: I just wrapped a film that's due out next year, and I'm about to do a
guest star on a new series called The Immortal up here.  work work work...
experience... that's what's in store, basically.  maybe an oscar someday, ha

Q: Do You  believe in weird stuff too?  If so what is the the weirdest thing that's
happened to you?
A: Jewel: I believe in ghosts.  is that weird?
Q: hi jewel, i was wondering if you enjoyed working on the set of so weird,
did you like the people there? do you think erik lively is good looking like
your character did on the show? i think you are a great actress on so weird
and on your old show-flash forward!
A: Jewel: Yeah I think Eric's a hottie.  He'll probably read this so he better
say the same thing about me-- you're yummy like ice cream, eric, and i want
to borrow all your clothes.

Thanks for all the great questions!

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