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Aired: Thursday September 21, 2000


  A close fried of the Phillips, the Thelen, have come for a visit. Ms.
  Thelen asks Molly if Annie could stay with Molly and her family.  Ms.
  Thelen doesn't think it fair to drag her daughter all over the place.
  She explains that Annie has astounding musical talent, and while
  on tour with Molly, she could hone those skills.  

  Mean while while Annie and Fi are getting acquainted, Fi notices 
  Will o the Wisp has returned.  Will o' the Wisp tries to take over 
   Annie's body, unsuccessfully.   Fi, scared for Annie, calls to her to 
   watch out.  But Will o' the Wisp bounces off of her head and lands
   in Fi's laptop.  Annie exits to go biking with Jack.  Fi confronts Will 
   o' the Wisp about why he has come back.  Will o' the Wisp informs her
   of danger to her family.  He wants her to read an incantation from the
   book of magic that she obtained from her aunt in Seattle.  Fi, 
   suspicious reads an opposite incantation which inadvertently turns
   everyone, except Annie, into animals.  Clu comes in to ask Fi if he
   could use her bike to go biking with Jack and Annie. Clu disappears
   into a glowing orb of light and flies out the window.
   Fi, asks Will o the Wisp to help her fix her mistake.  He informs her
   that she needs the book and must read the following incantation after
   the one she just read to reverse the spell. But she needs the spell 
   book to do so.  However, Clu was holding the book when he 

    Annie comes into Fi's room to ask where the others have gone.  Fi
    is shocked to find that Annie hasn't turned into an animal as the 
    others have.  Annie mentions that she heard Clu in the back yard
    next to the oak tree.  Fi and Annie go outside.  Annie searches around 
    the house for the others, and Fi checks out the oak tree.  As she 
    studies the tree, she find that it's Clu!  She asks Clu what he did with
    the spell book that he was holding.  Clu shakes himself and the leaves
    fall to the ground.  Annie comes out to help Fi, and notices that the
    leaves have writing on them.  The two girls go to Fi's room and 
    say the incantation and reverse the spell.  After Annie leaves the
    room, Fi reads the proper incantation that Will o the Wisp wanted 
    her to as she had promised.  After she reads the spell she realizes
    that she can no longer remember Will o' the Wisps name.  The spell
    closed her eyes to the paranormal and gave up power over Will o'
    the Wisp.  She also notices that the design on her ring has warn

     After everyone has gone back to normal, Fi comes downstairs and
     has a talk with her mother. She tells her that she wants to live with
     her Aunt Melinda in Seattle.  She tells her mother that it's not fair
     that she quit her tour because she's worried about her.  After some
      length of talk the two come to an agreement, and Fi will live with her
      aunt in Seattle.
      Later  Fi is in her room and Annie walks in. The two talk when Annie
       spies Fi's ring.  She tries it on when all of a sudden there is a flash
      and the ring design is back.  Fi realizes that her gift of the
      paranormal will go on after all.